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Frazee supports posting minutes online

The Frazee-Vergas Public School voted to support four resolutions the Minnesota School Boards Association is asking the legislature to pass. Voting to support them now doesn't enact them, but simply shows the board's support of the changes.

The four changes include the 2 percent set aside for staff development be revoked, the contract deadline and penalty be repealed, the safe school levy section Maintenance of Effort be revoked, and the publishing of minutes be repealed.

Instead of publishing the minutes in the Frazee Forum, the district's designated official newspaper, the district would post the minutes on the school's website, free of charge to the district.

The district spends about $25,000 annually in costs to the newspaper, but that includes help wanted ads and legal notices.

"Your run-of-the-mill month, you're looking at $900," Business Manager Donna Mineer said.

Also at the meeting, although just a discussion topic, the board agreed to move forward with posting district employees' contracts online.

"I recommend that every employee's contract, alphabetically, for the last five years (be posted)," Superintendent Deron Stender said. He added that it's a move toward transparency for the district.

There has been public arguing over personnel contracts for months in the district.

"I think it's right in line (with what others are doing). I think it's a good thing," board member Dwight Cook said.

Depending on how long the contracts are for - teachers have two-year contracts, independent contracts are for one year, and the superintendent's contract is for three years - would determine how many are placed online, but around five years for each employee.

The contracts would be posted on the district's website.

Cook suggested if and when the idea comes to fruition, the link will be on the homepage, in plain view.

"Let's not make them dig through five layers," he said.