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Luxurious condo: Mary Newman remodeled her West Lake Drive condo from top to bottom

A humorous cow painting matches the black and white colors of the master bedroom.1 / 8
Pops of color complement neutral furniture in the living room.2 / 8
A welcoming guest bedroom is also a mix of traditional and modern.3 / 8
An open kitchen is the heart of this home. Newman decided to lower the breakfast bar seating area to fit her specific needs as an aging woman.4 / 8
Mary Newman chose a lighter color for the bathroom for some contrast.5 / 8
The den features bold, rich colors and an oriental style rug.6 / 8
Mary Newman also designed the community room at her building, with furniture to satisfy everyone's taste.7 / 8
Rich cherry wood and hardwood floors add a luxurious feel to the already classy condo.8 / 8

Mary Newman's love for home decorating and design turns an ordinary home into a quirky mix of modern and traditional.

After she bought her West Lake Drive condo, she put about 15 months into the design plan before moving into the two-bedroom, two-bath, living room and den, 2,000-square-foot home on the lake.

"I'm a pretty good decorator," Newman said proudly. "I really enjoy doing it."

The 75-year-old Detroit Lakes woman said it was time for her to move into a smaller place after living in a large eight-bedroom house that was always filled with company.

"I decided it was time for me not to have so much room for company anymore," she said.

But she still made sure she had room for her 19 grandchildren and nine great-grand children.

"I bought another house so I can stick them all in there."

The work she did on her new second floor condo added plenty of "transitional" style touches, as she described them, with an open floor plan, high quality wood throughout, a master bathroom and closet and a welcoming guest bedroom.

After running around with paint swatches, pieces of fabric and floor samples, she ended up with a product she really loves. Something unique to her lifestyle, attractive, as well as comfortable.

The modern furniture is balanced by some of Newman's favorite traditional pieces, especially in the living room.

The neutral colors complemented with pops of red and lime green bright colors are noticeable throughout the living room and dining area that overlook a large kitchen she designed to her specific taste.

"If the colors are wrong, I don't care about anything else," Newman said, adding that scale is also crucial.

She chose medium-dark cherry wood cabinets that even the fridge is covered with, Asian walnut floors, and she definitely steered clear from oak.

"We oaked ourselves to death in North Dakota," the Jamestown, N.D. native said with a laugh.

Plus, for someone who's "lived as long as I have" you'll find that light comes and goes and dark also comes and goes, but medium is always in style, Newman said.

The kitchen not only opens up to the living and dining rooms, it allows access to the laundry room, from there to the master closet, on to the master bathroom, and then to the master bedroom.

Because she's picky about floor plans, during the remodel she added a door to the outdoor deck from her cozy, well-lit master suite.

The bedroom doesn't only offer convenience, it has an item that "makes people go 'what the heck?'" Newman said.

The cow paintings hung above the bed that she bought from an artist online goes well with the rest of the black and white colors of the bedroom, but it's something that guests get a kick out of.

"I like to do something ridiculous from time to time," Newman said with a smile.

But the rest of the not-so-funny oil paintings, large and small, give her a bit of a nostalgic feeling.

There is the old school house, farmhouse and barn that remind the homeowner of growing up in North Dakota.

A meaningful design in the condo can also be found in the guest bedroom, where Newman's daughter sewed the bedding and drapes.

Newman decided to purchase the condo so she can be close to her friend Opal Rogstad who lives right next door.

The two have been close friends since the early '70s. There are many things about Rogstad that Newman enjoys, but one is pretty obvious.

"She's a wonderful cook and I love to eat," Newman said. "I don't like to cook much despite my fancy kitchen."

But it's also nice to live right in town, close to all the amenities and right on Little Detroit Lake, she added.