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Fargo woman brutally assaulted, no clear motive for incident

Lindsay Samek of Fargo says she was walking home from a downtown bar when she was attacked.

FARGO - 27-year old Lindsay Samek was trying to play it safe walking home from a bar instead of getting in the car with someone who had a few drinks. But just 3-blocks away from her home, an attacker beat her and left without a trace.

Just before 1 a.m. Saturday morning, police were called to the scene of a woman who was bloody and laying on the ground.

SGT: Mark Lykken said, "It's very unusual that someone would assault someone they don't know, or don't have a reason."

That woman was 27-year old Lindsay Samek.

"I just looked up to step on the curb, and it was like bam, and he just hit me and hit me and hit me," said Samek

Lindsay suffered multiple fractures to her face and head and received stitches to her cheek and forehead. She was walking home from Rick's Bar, instead of getting in the car with her boyfriend after they had a few drinks.

When her boyfriend made it home, Lindsay wasn't there. Her boyfriend got a call from someone who stopped to help.

Police say it seemed as if there was no motive, a random act of violence.

"There are no words really, just lots of anger," said Samek. "Hopefully he's never done it to anybody else, or won't do it again."

The petals from roses her boyfriend bought for her that night still lay where Lindsay fell.

She says telling her kids what happened is more painful then her wounds.

"I have two kids and they're like mom, what happened?" Samek said.

Lindsay's family says she has stayed positive and are there for her kids as much as they are there for her.

"They are really supportive, my family has just been great," said Samek. "And my sisters have been helping out."

Police are describing the suspect as a tall, slender male possibly Native American. He was wearing a black hooded sweat shirt with white lettering on the Arms and chest. If you have any information, you are asked to contact Fargo Police.