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Police: Husband brandished samurai sword in Fargo domestic dispute

After kicking in the door at his wife's house, a jilted husband with a katana in hand had a message for the new boyfriend: "I could cut through you like butter."

That's what police allege Khna Chroeung said to the boyfriend while pointing a samurai sword at him on Saturday, allegations that prompted felony burglary and terrorizing charges to be filed earlier this week.

The 39-year-old native of Cambodia and co-owner of an Asian grocery store, Lotus Blossom, was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon due to a switchblade he allegedly had on his belt under his shirt when arrested.

Chroeung did not have a key to get into the house of his estranged wife, she told police. His son called 911 after seeing Chroeung grab the sword from a shed and kick down the wife's back door, according to a police report included with the charges filed Monday.

The boyfriend told police he came downstairs to tell Chroeung to leave when he heard that he was breaking into the house and found him holding the sword. He claimed Chroeung swung the sword, knocking over a bottle of wine, before telling him he could cut him like butter.

Chroeung told officers he had no intention of hurting the man but was trying to scare him into leaving the house, which is owned by the mother of his wife.

He told police he accidentally broke the glass door of a china cabinet inside the home when he turned too quickly and hit it with the samurai sword.

A phone message left for Chroeung's attorney, Mark Beauchene, was not returned on Wednesday.

Chroeung's next appearance in court is scheduled for Oct. 21.