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Political signs out 50 years ago, too

The intersection of Washington Avenue and Highway 10 in Detroit Lakes looked quite different 50 years ago.

Washington Avenue and Highway 10 intersection in the fall of 1960 -- the Republican headquarters are in the building on the left. Democrat headquarters are across the street where the Detroit State Bank was located from June 26, 1926, until it moved to 115 East Holmes Street on May 31, 1960.

Remodeling of the First National Bank started in the fall of 1960. There is a big hole in the wall where Klien Drug used to occupy the northwest corner of the First National Bank building.

Bud's Bar and Billiards went out of business when First National Bank bought the buildings next to the bank in the spring of 1966. Other businesses housed in these buildings were Detroit Lakes Police, Ray Hale's Jewelry store and Mattson's Barber Shop.

When these buildings were razed in April of 1966, construction of the drive-up teller window began. This project was completed in the spring of 1967.

Highway 10 was rerouted through this area in 1958. When these buildings, which dated back to the 1890s, were razed, along with the firmer Reid and Wackman building built in 1886, it marked the beginning of construction of a double-lane Highway 10 through Detroit Lakes.

The smoke stack in the background is for the city light plant.