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Jamestown social worker who urged the school district to crack down on bullying is fired

Margo Haut gets emotional when talking about her sudden dismissal. Margo has been a social worker for Stutsman County the last three years. And she often attends Jamestown school board meetings, to urge a crackdown on bullying.

But at a recent school board meeting, Margo mentioned she not only is a concerned parent, but a licensed social worker. The next day the newspaper reported that a "county official" spoke out about bullying. Days later Margo lost her job.

Meantime, Stutsman County officials told us this afternoon, they are comfortable with their decision, and they say Margo's firing was not made simply as a reaction following her comments at the school board meeting.

Haut is appealing her dismissal. The full Stutsman County Commission is expected to hear an appeal from her and vote on the firing soon.