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Raising diabetes awareness

team members, from left, Hayley Kapusta, Lydia Danielson and Emily Sunram.1 / 2
the dress-in-red promotion Diabetes Week grade level winners and committee chairs.2 / 2

Students from the Lake Park-Audubon FCCLA Chapter raised just under $500 in hopes of bringing awareness and helping to find a cure for diabetes.

There are over 23 million people in the United States living with diabetes. Lydia Danielson, one of the FCCLA team members, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes when she was just a toddler. Lydia has been the inspiration to the team as they have researched, planned and organized events raising awareness and funds for the American Diabetes Association.

Each day, during the week of Dec. 6, the team read diabetes related facts over the intercom. Later in the week, students participated in a scavenger hunt, where they could find a diabetes card with a fact question. In order to win a prize, the student had to accurately answer the fact question.

The team also presented facts about diabetes to health classes, sold diabetes awareness bracelets, posted honorary diabetes steps in the main high school hallway, and hosted a Pie-for-a-Cause rally on Friday afternoon.

Six high school faculty and four high school students, volunteered to be the "targets" for the Pie-for-a-Cause rally. Students and faculty could purchase a whipped cream pie for a $5 donation, and "cream" the volunteer of their choice.

"I can't express enough gratitude towards the teachers and students that willingly allowed themselves to be saturated in whipped topping," stated FCCLA advisor Cheryl Hogie. adding, "it just goes to show, that LP-A is a supportive educational community that allows for student participation, development of individual service projects, and the freedom to have a flexible schedule to host these types of events."