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Minneapolis man gets jail for DWI, cocaine

A Minneapolis man was sentenced Dec. 10 in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of drug possession and a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated.

James Isaac Posz, 51, of 5139 Girard Ave. N., Minneapolis, was ordered by District Court Judge Joseph Evans to serve up to 19 months in prison, stayed on conditions including up to five years of supervised probation, completion of a 90-day jail sentence (with credit for 59 days previously served), and payment of $1,185 in court fines and fees. He was also sentenced to community service in lieu of the fines.

Posz was charged as the result of an Oct. 13 incident in which a Becker County Sheriff's deputy found a vehicle parked on the shoulder of Highway 10 westbound, near Rew Lane.

When he came up to the driver's window to question him, the driver, later identified as Posz, appeared nervous and said that he did not have a valid license.

He then admitted that he had been drinking; a preliminary breath test showed his alcohol level was at .137.

After searching Posz, the officer found a syringe and piece of plastic with a chalky substance on it, as well as a baggie containing a white powdery residue.

Posz allegedly admitted it was cocaine, which was later confirmed by testing.