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Weather Talk: Snowy winter warrants comparison to 1996-97

The winter of 1996-97 has become the benchmark against which all other winters are judged. That winter, 117 inches of snow fell in Fargo- Moorhead, which is nearly 30 inches more than any other season in the record book.

Since then, there have been a few winters when there was talk about having a similar season, yet they all fell well short. At no point since that snowy winter of 1996-97 have I ever thought a comparison to that year was warranted, until now.

At the end of December 1996, we had recorded 46.8 inches of snow and, depending on how much additional snowfall we get today, we could be very close to that total.

It should be noted that two storms in early January 1997 pushed the total to 65 inches by Jan. 10, which is unlikely to occur this year.

The odds are low that this snow season will reach that standard set 14 years ago, but unless the pattern changes quickly, it certainly has the potential to rate among the top five snowiest winters.

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