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New paranormal group


The Midwest Paranormal Files research group is now up and running and we will be jumping in the pool head first with our first investigation.

After officially forming in November, our fresh paranormal research group will be breaking in at one of Minnesota's most haunted location -- the Palmer House in Sauk Centre.

A live investigation will be had for the debut of the Midwest Paranormal Files research group at the Palmer House Sunday, with the pre-show starting at 7 p.m.

The live investigation can be followed on the Detroit Lakes Newspapers website at

I am more than familiar with the Palmer House, personally being involved in investigations there three times, as well as staying there for leisure reasons three to four more times with my family --wife Chrisy and 8-year-old son Brody.

It's a comfortable location for me to lead the new group in its first investigation, since all members of MPF will be taking part in their first paranormal investigation.

The Palmer House investigation is an exciting time for me -- after collecting and purchasing specialized equipment and organizing a hard-working group of investigators, we can finally do what we set out to do in November -- research a mysterious and unknown field, with very few answers.

I have learned under the Fargo-Moorhead Paranormal group for the last two years, and I am grateful for them for passing on some of their knowledge in the field to me.

But it was time for me to start a group in the Detroit Lakes area and take on the challenge of paranormal study.

The group has collected a respectable amount of high-tech equipment, including a four-infrared camera package, which includes a DVR to record hours of airtime during an investigation.

Also we have numerous video and digital cameras, two more infrared lamps, digital audio recorders, a K-2 meter (to measure electromagnetic fields, theorized to pick up potential entities in the immediate area) and a host of other equipment vital to a paranormal investigation.

Investigations will not be handled in an amateur fashion, but in a professional atmosphere, in which only scientific methods will be used. We approach each site with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The "Midwest" aspect was chosen because the group will travel to potential haunted locations in the entire region. We have several investigations planned well outside of the DL area, which will be announced as they come.

Not everything is paranormal and that is the attitude which will be taken up by MPF, in that we will look for natural or common explanation for what a potential client is experiencing.

After all natural explanations for the reported activity are exhausted, then the task of recording paranormal evidence scientifically will be done.

MPF was formed to serve the local DL area, for those individuals or businesses experiencing activity that cannot be explained rationally.

All investigations are free and all clients can participate in the investigation, if they so desire.

Investigation and evidence can remain completely anonymous. MPF has its own website, which can also be found at or at where all the evidence will be posted, as well as paranormal news, features, attractions and a glossary of what the group is all about.

But the client can also decline to post any evidence. The entire investigation's publicity will be at the clients' discretion.

I invite everyone -- believers, scoffers, and those with an open mind -- to watch the live investigation from the Palmer House or visit the MPF website.

Also, if you know of a potential haunted location, individuals can contact MPF through their website or by contacting

The Midwest Paranormal Files research group looks forward to sharing their experiences with you in the coming months.