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Alexandria graduate in the running for an Oscar

Former Alexandrian John Hawkes is in the running for an Oscar.

Hawkes, a 1977 graduate of Jefferson High School, was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for the 83rd Academy Awards, which were announced this morning.

Hawkes was recognized for his work in the movie, Winter's Bone, which was nominated for Best Picture.

In an interview with the Echo Press last summer, Hawkes said that Winter's Bone was "the best movie I've been in."

Hawkes played the role of Uncle Teardrop in the movie, which won Best Picture (grand jury prize) and Best Screenplay (Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award) at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film is about a 17-year-old girl, his character's niece, who lives in the Ozarks and is in search of her father. She must find him in order to save their homestead.

Hawkes is the son of Patricia Perkins of Alexandria and Pete Perkins of Austin, Texas.

Hawkes has starred in a variety of movies, including Me, You and Everyone We Know, American Gangster, Miami Vice, Identity, Playing God, From Dusk 'til Dawn, Hardball and The Perfect Storm.

He also played in a couple of episodes of the final season of the hit-television show, Lost, along with starring in HBO's critically acclaimed series, Deadwood.