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Bridal Shower Trends

Not so long ago when a couple announced their engagement and the bride selected her maid of honor, the maid of honor would start planning the bridal shower. She would invite all of the bride's closest female friends and family members together to toast the bride and share good times with her. While some brides today continue this tradition, others take an alternative route.

One of the biggest trends in bridal showers today is the couples shower in which friends and family gather together with both the bride and the groom. With more grooms taking an active role in the wedding planning and more couples footing the bill for their wedding themselves, it is only natural that some couples would want to share the shower experience. Couples showers can be held at someone's home or at one of the couple's favorite venues.

For those that prefer the traditional women-only bridal shower, a hot new trend is to center it on some activity, like bowling, making pottery, going to the spa or volunteering for an organization. This requires less planning and provides for a fun, stress-free experience for one and all. Guests can participate in the activity and share a meal afterwards, either at the venue or at a restaurant.

If time and budget permit, destination showers are another idea. The bride and a select group of friends and family can take a little trip together. They can hop a plane and spend a few days at the beach or take the train to a ski resort. The sky is the limit.

For brides that prefer to stay home, themed showers continue to be popular. Themes can run the gamut from kitchen gadgets to entertainment to the bride's favorite things. And because many brides are already living on their own and have the items needed to set up house, gifts can range from the unique to the wacky.

Whatever the choice of bridal shower, anyone can host it-family, friends, even coworkers. Brides, or couples, can have more than one shower. The bride's mother might throw one for family and friends, while her coworker throws one for business associates and colleagues. If the couple has a rather large circle of family and friends, they might end up having three or four bridal showers. It all depends upon time and preference.

The key to any good shower is to involve the bride or couple. Whoever is hosting the shower should get the input of the bride or the couple and respect their wishes. After all, they are the guests of honor.