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Akeley council discusses impact of Highway 34 construction on town for canine certification in Park Rapids in July

The Akeley Council learned plans are complete for the Highway 34 construction project that will extend from the east side of Park Rapids to Akeley, with bid letting to be April 22 and construction expected to begin in mid-June.

Phil Bergem, a design engineer with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said the bulk of the work will be from July 4 to Labor Day. He indicated MnDOT is attempting to coordinate the schedule based on community events.

Highway 226 to Dorset will also undergo upgrades.

A detour will send westbound motorists south on Highway 64 to 87 from Akeley to Park Rapids.

Bergem indicated a large part of the project will be removing the existing blacktop. In town, plans call for milling 32 feet of roadway to eliminate cost to the city. Standard is 24 feet.

Brian Hitchcock questioned where the project would begin, which Bergem indicated would be at the contractor's discretion.