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Firefighters extra busy

Is it the Detroit Lakes Fire Department or Grand Central Station?

The last month and a half has been one of the busiest times for fire calls the department has seen in decades.

In January, the department was called out 31 times.

February continued that "call-a-day" pattern with 16 calls in the first two weeks.

That is far above average, with some recent Januarys only seeing a call or two.

Detroit Lakes Fire Chief Dave Baer says only one time in the past 37 years have they seen this many calls.

"It's nothing we can really put our finger on with regards to why it has been so busy," he said. "It's just been a variety of things happening."

Baer said a good chunk of the calls involved gas leaks and pipes breaking due to the ground shifting during thawing and freezing times.

The department has dealt with a number of fires, although nobody has been injured.

"The only thing that has really been hurt by all of this is our sleep patterns," joked Baer, noting that many of the calls came in the middle of the night.

"I'm pretty hopeful next month will slow down," he said.