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Girl Scout cookies going fast

It's a sweet year for cookie sales in Detroit Lakes.

According to area Girl Scout leaders, the cookies are going like hotcakes.

"We get five or six emails every day asking for more and more cookies because troops are running out. And that's not to mention the phone calls we get like every 15 minutes," Amber Dahl, membership coordinator for the Dakota Horizons chapter, said.

There is a reason for this cookie craze.

People aren't just seeing smiling faces and patchy vests this year, they're seeing the goods upfront.

Unlike previous years, the troops pre-ordered the cookies so they have them in-hand while selling them.

Girl Scout organizers say this direct selling method should get them a good 10 percent more sales than the traditional order-first, eat-later style.

Detroit Lakes girls pre-ordered 10,000 boxes back in January, and have since needed to order more.

In fact, there is a nation-wide shortage on peanut butter patties, as the company making them couldn't keep up with demand.

"People like getting their cookies right away, and I think the girls are more excited because they see the sale happen. It's more gratifying for them," Dahl said.

It's fun for the girls and customers, but a tad more stressful for the troop leaders.

If the girls don't sell all their pre-ordered cookies, the troop is stuck buying them.

Brownie troop leader Jennifer Smith says they may need to make one last, big push in order to sell everything.

"First we ran out, so we ordered more, now I just hope we can sell all our extras," Smith said.

The official sale goes through March 4, but if you know people who know people, you just might be able to score a box of thin mints (or whatever cookie pleases your pallet) from a troop with leftovers.

Don't expect clearance sales after March 4 though, as troops only make 50 cents on each $4 box, making full price a necessity.

There are about 120 Girl Scouts in Detroit Lakes who can sell cookies, and another 50 in Frazee and Lake Park.

If you don't see even one of those happy little cookie pushers this weekend, just log on to