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Video: Roosevelt kids have a winter picnic

Belinda Freeman's kindergarten class enjoys a winter picnic before sledding and hot chocolate. Enjoying their lunch are, from left, Maren Strawsell, Aidan Bennett, Rhett Zima and Jordan Ryg.2 / 2

Fiction became reality for kindergartners at Roosevelt Elementary recently.

Teachers followed up on their lesson of a 1973 Robert Welber book called Winter Picnic with a cool blast of their own.

Approximately 60 5 and 6 year olds braved the 14-degree, windy conditions Friday for a real winter picnic on school grounds.

"We made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips, just like the little boy did in the book," said Kindergarten teacher Irene Skaaland.

After using their sleds to "dine in," the squirrelly students hit the big hill by the school for some sledding and sliding.

"We do this every year, I think it's so good for the kids," Skaaland said, who herself took several speedy rides down.

"We try to pick a warm day, but it doesn't always work," she added.

The bundled-up students seemed to care little about the cold, as they followed up their giggle-filled winter picnic with hot chocolate and cookies back in the classroom.

To see some video clips of the fun, check out our website at and click on "Winter Picnic."