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International Museum Day

The Becker County Museum will be celebrating International Museum Day on Sunday, May 15, from noon to 4 p.m.

"International Museum Day is a celebration of museums around the world," said Amy Degerstrom, the executive director of the Becker County Museum.

"It was an event that started in Great Britain, spread through Europe, and is slowly making its way to America."

Interestingly, Museum Day was created to emphasize and recognize local, smaller-scale museums, as opposed to the much larger ones.

"Not like the Smithsonian, but like the Becker County Museum," Degerstrom said.

The event at the Becker County Museum will feature a wide array of fun for every age, from young children to people who may recognize the museum's artifacts from their own childhood.

"It is going to be a day of demonstrations and food and music and horse and buggie rides," Degerstrom said, "with a focus on crafts of the past that are being lost now."

These include things like Indian weaving, woodcarving and rose-maling, which is a form of Norwegian folk painting.

Best of all, there is no cost of admission to Becker County's Museum Day - only a free will donation.

"Anyone can come and give what they can," Degerstrom said. "All the money will go to benefit the programs and exhibits that we do here at the museum."

More than a fund-raiser, though, Museum Day is a celebration of Becker County's rich history and the people who played a vital role in making the region everything it is today.

" I think it's important to celebrate it, because the history of any community is the history of people that live there," Degerstrom said. "People will be participating in the history by participating in that day."

Besides International Museum Day, there will be a host of other activities at the Becker County Museum this early summer season.

On May 15 --  the same day as Museum Day -- the Museum will celebrate the sesquicentennial (150 year anniversary) of the Civil War.

Featured at this event will be a Fargo-Moorhead area civil war re-enactor group, who will "be here in costume and do some drills and talk to folks about this area's participation in the civil war," according to Degerstrom.

"We had 364 veterans from Becker County in the Civil War," Degerstrom added. "We're working on putting together a book about them now."

On May 10, the Museum will host a community education class which will feature information and tips for preserving family heirlooms. The class -- which is funded through Frazee Community Education -- will take place at Frazee High School from 6 to 8 p.m. Space is available.

Finally, on June 2, the Museum will host Doug Ohman, who has written a new book called Libraries in Minnesota. He will be available to sign and discuss his book from 7 to approximately 10 p.m. Appropriately, the event will take place in the Detroit Lakes Library.

For more information about any of the Becker County Museum's numerous upcoming events, call the Museum at (218) 847-2938. -- Nathan Kitzmann