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Pregnant woman accused of assaulting officers

A pregnant Wadena woman was charged May 13 for drunken assaults on two police officers and domestic assault on a former acquaintance after a bloody incident in a restaurant parking lot on May 11.

Bail was set at $1,000 with court conditions (or $40,000 bond with no conditions) for Nichole Loraine Shoultz, 25.

Police were called around 12:25 a.m. to the parking lot, after someone reported a man sitting on a woman in the lot. When the officer arrived, he saw the man trying to get away from the woman, court records said. The woman, Shoultz, allegedly started a confrontation with the man at a nearby convenience store, which ended with her throwing items at his car as he drove away. Just up the street, she caught up with him again, and starting hitting him, court records said.

When the man pushed Shoultz away, court document said, she pulled out a razor blade and began cutting herself with it. When he tried to stop her, she attempted to cut him, and he was able to wrestle the blade away from her and sit on her until police arrived. The man suffered an elbow injury in the process, court documents said.

After Shoultz was arrested, she started banging her head on the cage of the squad car, court document said. She then spit on two officers before being taken to the jail and placed in restraints.

Court records said Shoultz was intoxicated and approximately 12 weeks pregnant.

The domestic assault on the man is a misdemeanor charge, but a pair of fourth-degree assault on a peace officer charges were also filed, which are felonies.

An omnibus hearing was set for June 7.