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Possible tornado in East Otter Tail County

A tree fell onto a truck in downtown Ottertail as a result of Monday night's severe storms. East Otter Tail County was hit hard by high winds, and the NationalWeather Service is investigating a possible tornado.

Overnight storms Monday left trees and power lines down throughout East Otter Tail County. Docks, boats and pontoons on Big Pine Lake, Rush Lake and others were flipped or damaged.

The National Weather Service estimated that winds in the area could have reached as high as 90 mph.

"Damage reports indicate winds anywhere between 60 and 80 mph - maybe even 90 mph," said Meteorologist Jim Kaiser. "That's based on pictures we've seen, not any sort of investigation."

On Tuesday, NWS officials were on the ground in East Otter Tail County, investigating what could have been a small, brief tornado, Kaiser said. However, nothing is official until the investigation is done.

Sharon Neuerburg, who has lived on Big Pine Lake for eight years, said that this is the first storm that she can remember that blew down trees.

A few houses down, Steve Askew was helping a neighbor move a tree that was down across the road. Askew thought that a storm about 10 years ago on Father's Day was the most comparable storm he could remember.

Next door, Jan and Mike Parta were helping a family member clean up trees and branches from the yard. The family's pontoon had been completely flipped in the lake.

As bad as it was, though, everyone seemed to agree that the damage could have been worse.

"We still have our houses," Askew said.

Crews were also busy along Highway 10 between Perham and New York Mills repairing damaged power line poles.

In Ottertail, high winds knocked down trees in town and in rural areas. The stretch of Hwy 78 between Ottertail and Perham was hit with flatline winds that tore off the roof of one large shed-like structure, uprooted large pine trees and caused damage to the volleyball area at Whiskey River Bar and Grill.

(Sam Benshoof and Trisha Marczak work for the East Otter Tail Focus.)