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Lakes Area Farmers Market

It's time for fresh veggies. And the Lakes Area Farmers Market is ready to sell them.

The market opened this weekend, and will be open throughout the summer on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be many of the same vendors -- and even more this year -- but the big change will be the location.

Due to the bike trail potentially being built through City Park, the farmers market is being moved to Peoples Park.

"I didn't want to get them in a situation mid-year and have to move them," Detroit Lakes Public Works Director Brad Green said.

To give vendors time to advertise and let customers know about the move though, the market will be located in the City Park during the month of May, and then at the start of June, they will move to Peoples Park.

Located behind Zorbaz, Peoples Park, which also houses the new ice rinks, will offer the convenience of better parking, onsite bathroom facilities and an onsite kitchen for more cooking demonstrations.

Vendors will be handing out coupons during May, with a map printed on back, that can be redeemed in June after the move. Also on the back of the coupons is a place for customers to fill out their contact information so the farmers market can build an e-mail list to send out notices about the market and products available.

Not only are there changes at the market, there have been changes on the board as well. Lynette Price has been named president of the farmers market board.

While she doesn't sell products at the market, she still wanted to be involved for health and economical reasons.

"I believe strongly that we need to offer fresh, homegrown produce," she said.

And, it's an opportunity to bring more people to the Detroit Lakes community, she added.

"We want to have community members on our board," member Dallas Flynn said. It doesn't mean they have to sell items at the market, but instead be involved in the community.

To kick off the season, Flynn said there will be "beautiful bedding plants," canned goods, spinach and lettuce, radishes, shiitake mushrooms and more for sale.

"Peoples Park is an awesome opportunity to build on and bring in new vendors," Price said, adding that anyone with produce, flowers or other products should think about joining and selling their products.

Membership has grown from about 30 to 40 members, and the market has a policy of no more than 10 percent of the market may be crafts. Produce has to be raised locally, and all other products must be made by the person selling them.

"We have a good board, good officers, and we're looking for a super season," Flynn said. -- Pippi Mayfield