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Antique Automobile Meet

Attracting antique car enthusiasts and curious bystanders alike, the Spring Central Division AACA (Antique Automobile Association of America) Meet is returning to Detroit Lakes on Saturday, June 11.

"With a lot of these cars, the only time you'll get a chance to see them would be at an event like this," said Orlo Gilbert, the chairman of the meet.

"We have some really high-dollar classics that are coming."

In fact, the cars at this year's show-- held at the Detroit Lakes High School practice football field -- range from early classics like Packards to newer models from as late as 1986, the threshold at which a car fits the 25-year-old "antique" criteria.

"We've got several 1910s, brass era cars," Gilbert said. "We have two or three high-wheelers that are basically motorized buggies from the early 1900s."

The Meet attracts car enthusiasts from across the country: California, New York, Florida, North Carolina -- to name a few -- and of course, the Midwest.

Gilbert will personally premier a car at this year's event that has been in his family since it was bought new in 1914.

"It was put out to pasture and thrown away," Gilbert said, describing how he came about renovating the vehicle.

"I rescued what was left of it and made a car, and just finished it this year.

"It's back to exactly where it was when it came out of the factory," Gilbert added.

Although one must be a member of the AACA to show a car at this event, the public is invited to attend at no cost.

The official showing is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 11.

However, Gilbert noted, people may have a better chance of seeing the cars up close -- and maybe even watching them run -- on Friday the 10th.

"That's when they take them out of the trailers to do the final cleaning for the show," Gilbert said.

Although watching collectors prep their cars before the show may seem invasive, Gilbert assures the public that the attention is quite welcome.

"That's just good publicity for the hobby," he said.

For more information, call Gilbert at 218-847-1415, or email him at -- Nathan Kitzmann