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White Earth Pow Wow

On June 10-12, White Earth will host its annual pow wow. This event -- which is in its 143rd year -- will take place at the Pow Wow grounds.

The pow wow, according to Dennis Hisgun -- who coordinates the event -- is "a time when people give their songs and their dances.

"It's a celebration," he added.

An essential component to the significance of the White Earth Pow Wow is the fact that it is open to the general public, and is not exclusive to people of White Earth or even the Native American community in general.

"It's an open event for all people that live in the area," said Hisgun.

"We invite people, we invite the surrounding community," Hisgun added. "That's important. We want to make it clear that everyone is welcome to come to the pow wow."

The pow wow is an impressive event, with approximately 700 dancers and 25 drum groups performing, from all corners of America.

Additionally, there will be dozens of vendors selling food, Native American arts and crafts and other items.

According to Hisgun, Saturday is the ideal time for newcomers to visit the pow wow, because of the sheer amount of activity scheduled for that day.

At 9 a.m., the White Earth Community center is sponsoring a free five-mile walk through White Earth.

"Everyone is invited to attend," Hisgun said.

For more information on the 5K run/walk, contact Shane Plumer at 218-573-4112.

Later on Saturday, there will be a free "big feast," which, according to Hisgun, feeds around 2,500 people every year.

Masters of Ceremonies include Micky Hodges, Danny Seaboy and Murphy Thomas, and Spiritual Advisor is Mike Swan.

Host drum is Standing Bull, and co-host drums are Eagle Spirit, White Earth Boyz, Lil Redtail, Smokey Hill and Eagles Nest.

Flag raising is at 10 a.m. in Saturday and Sunday, and grand entries are at 7 p.m. in Friday, and at 1 and 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be a Jr. and Sr. Princess and Brave contest.

As a whole, the Pow Wow promises to be a culturally and spiritually fulfilling event for people of every background.

For more information, contact Hisgun at 218-261-1209. -- Nathan Kitzmann