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Quake the Lake

On June 18 and 19, Detroit Lakes will host its 5th annual Quake the Lake boat races.

"We're doing a little bit of a new twist this year," said Ross Rolvoshem, the race director and program coordinator for Quake the Lake. "We used to have it on a public beach near Zorbaz, but we moved the location to get a new sponsor: the Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn."

The new location for Quake the Lake will be the beach on Big Detroit Lake.

In spite of a slight change from previous events, Quake the Lake is promising to return with another round of high-octane, world-class boat racing.

"We're expecting an unusually good turnout this year," Rolvoshem said. "Being that we're racing a couple weeks later than we usually did, we're thinking that the warm weather will give us some ideal conditions which will encourage people to come out."

This year's Quake the Lake will feature "at least" five or six different classes of boats and professional drivers from several states.

"We'll have some national championship drivers," Rolvoshem said. "It's a good class of racers that show up for it."

A wide variety of racing boats will feature at Quake the Lake, including boats which have raced in previous years as well as some which will be making their debut at the event. These include: GT Pro, Formula, VP Boats, Sports C, SSP 60, and 120 Formula 1 Racers.

Those who are not conversant in boat types can be assured that this is a stellar lineup.

Best of all, the event is free to the public, although participants must pay a $100 fee per race.

"With tight economic times, people are looking for a world-class event that's free," Rolvoshem said. "It brings a lot of people into Detroit Lakes."

Sponsors for the 5th Annual Quake the Lake are: Washington Square Mall, Holiday Inn of Detroit Lakes, J & K Marine, the Detroit Lakes Tourism Bureau, Great Plains Claims Incorporated and Fruitful Design.

For more information, contact Rolvoshem at 701-739-1947. -- Nathan Kitzmann