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Woman charged with drug crime for allegedly impersonating nurse

A woman accused of impersonating a nurse in order to get prescription drugs was charged in Wadena County District Court with a fifth-degree controlled substance crime.

According to court records, Mary Alice Stiles, 45, called a Wadena pharmacy and asked if she could get a refill of Tramadol, which she said had been stolen from her vehicle. The pharmacist said she would need to see a police report, and Stiles allegedly "chewed out" the pharmacist, saying she didn't appreciate being treated like a "drug addict," court document said.

A short time later, someone left a message identifying themselves as a nurse from a clinic in Sebeka, asking that a prescription be filled for Stiles for Tylenol 3, a Schedule III narcotic. The pharmacist thought the voice didn't sound right, court records said. Later that afternoon, Stiles showed up asking if the prescription were ready.

Police investigated and learned that Stiles had a prescription for the two drugs, and that she had filed a police report in Todd County declaring the medications stolen from her car, but the date she told police it happened and the date on the police report of the incident were off by two days, court records said. Under questioning, Stiles allegedly admitted she placed the calls to the pharmacy posing as the nurse.

Stiles has had two drug diversion sentences imposed in 1998 and 1999, one of which was revoked and a felony sentence imposed in the Twin Cities area.

Her first appearance in Wadena County District Court was set for June 27.