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Weather Talk: Longest day of year today with 15 hours, 53 minutes

Happy summer solstice! Or, as it is referred to in English literature, midsummer. Whatever the name, this is the longest day of the year in Fargo-Moorhead at 15 hours and 53 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

Six months from now, the winter solstice will have just eight hours and 31 minutes of daylight. This morning, the sun rose at 5:33 a.m., and it will set tonight at 9:25 p.m. Today is the day when the path of the sun across the sky, the ecliptic, is directly above a line around Earth

at approximately 23 degrees North, known as the Tropic of Cancer.

Anywhere today along this line, the sun at solar noon (factoring out for time zones), would be exactly overhead. If you could stand somewhere on the Tropic of Cancer today at noon, your shadow would be exactly underneath you and exactly as big around as you are.

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