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SuLaine, Shady Hollow markets

For those looking to find bottom-dollar deals, peruse, or just experience an eclectic side of the Detroit Lakes community, there are two flea markets in the area, both of which will be active this summer.

Shady Hollow

Shady Hollow Flea Market will return for it's 42nd year of outdoor shopping, and is still owned and operated by the same people -- the Jones and Hanson families -- who have run it for 30 years.

"We have a variety of merchandise out there," said Ardys Hanson, who assists in operating Shady Hollow.

"There are antiques, collectibles, new stuff, homemade jewelry, clothing, t-shirts, plants," she continued, as well as "one double-building that sells only purses."

But that's not all.

Besides the many items available for sale, Shady Hollow offers an oasis of friendliness and community bonding which is not typically found at establishments of its kind.

"Many people come after church to have coffee and look around," Hanson said. "They often meet friends and come every week, not necessarily to buy anything."

"It's been a melting pot for the whole area for years."

And of course, for the inevitable hunger pangs following a long day of shopping, Shady Hollow sells kettle corn and hosts its own eating establishment.

Shady Hollow is open every Sunday, starting at 6 a.m. Depending on the crowd, it closes at either 3 or 4 in the afternoon.


On hot and rainy days, market-goers can seek shelter in the indoor facilities of Sulaine's, also located in Detroit Lakes.

"We're climate controlled," said Sue Peterson, the owner of Sulaine's.

"In the summer we're cool, and in the winter we're warm. That's one of the advantages of being indoors instead of outdoors.

Sulaine's also offers the advantage of being run in conjunction with the Antique Mall, which is located next-door.

"Some of the dealers that are at the Antique Mall are over at the Flea Market," said Peterson, resulting in an increased array of opportunities for shoppers.

Some examples of what shoppers might find at Sulaine's include: specialized coffee, clothing, hand-made items, sporting collectibles, glassware and vintage furniture. The store offers everything, said Peterson, from "typical low-end flea market things to antiques and collectibles.

"We have some inexpensive items, and some expensive stuff."

The mall also boasts its eclectic side.

"We have a palm reader," said Peterson, adding that "its always lots of fun."

"They don't have that other places." -- Nathan Kitzmann