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Lake Park-Audubon's 'STAR' students

LAKE PARK-AUDUBON FCCLA members putting on the glitz. The school had a total of nine teams representing the state of MInnesota at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference, with a total of 23 students receiving gold members in nine different national STAR events.

Lake Park-Audubon High School students recently participated in STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) at Family, Career and Community Leaders of America's (FCCLA) 2011 National Leadership Conference.

Twenty-three students from LP-A received gold medals in nine different national STAR Events available to FCCLA students.

All medals were presented at a recognition session honoring all participants at the Anaheim Convention Center on Thursday, July 14. More than 6,300 members, advisers, alumni, and guests from across the nation attended the meeting.

Approximately 3,500 students advanced from the local, regional, and state level of STAR Events to the national meeting.

Those attending from LP-A included: Maegan Anderson, Rachel Carlson, Chloe Hanson, Chelsey Raaen, Ashley Thompson, Caitlyn Wavra, Breann Hogie, Elisabeth Peterson, Jacob Huesman, Brittany Rislund, Amber Christensen, Chelsey Torblaa, Jessica Dalen, Brianna Woulette, Maddie Dalin, Jessie Swegarden, Megan Hilfer, Kelsey Anderson, Maria Veit, Andrea Knudsvig, Beau Svobodny, Bryce Bartunek, and Elijah Beaudine.

Specific events LP-A students competed in included: Chapter Service for the Children's Miracle Network and the Humane Society; Focus on Children teaching first aide techniques; National Programs in Action emphasizing Cyber Bullying and Traffic Safety; Interpersonal Communication for Self Esteem; Publicize and Promote FCCLA; and Chapter Showcase Display.

FCCLA members select their project topic and area of emphasis at the beginning of each new school term.

"Our team selected the area of Cyber Bullying because it is a huge issue for people our age and we wanted to help students who are impacted by this issue," stated Elijah Beaudine, LP-A FCCLA member.

FCCLA's STAR Events are based on a specific rubric competitive grid that requires the team to receive a 90 percent rating to receive a gold medal at the national level competition.

Students may advance to the National Conference if they have advanced from the Regional level to the State level and are selected as the State advancer representing their state at the national level.