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Lake Park Legion donates medical equipment

HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization, accepts donations of medical equipment and supplies for redistribution to the local and global community.

The American Legion of Lake Park donated a total of 5 electrical hospital beds, 11 commodes, 16 walkers, 5 quad canes, 4 canes, 3 wheelchairs, 1 shower bench, 2 trapezes, 4 tub bars, 6 pairs of crutches, and 2 power wheelchairs.

Their large donation was appreciated immensely. All of these items can be used locally. They have been washed, sorted, and will be redistributed to people on our waiting list or directly to the retail store.

Anyone can come to HERO and receive medical equipment and supplies for low to no cost. HERO is recognized as a nonprofit organization with local, regional and global outreach. Significantly keeping lifesaving medical materials from area landfills, HERO is an eco-friendly organization that advocates for the environment by practicing recycling through redistribution.

HERO is located at 5012 53rd Street South, Fargo, N.D. For more information, to donate medical supplies, or to make a contribution, visit or call (701) 212-1921.

The American Legion of Lake Park is an extension of the largest veteran organization in America. Their work is shaped by four pillars; veterans, youth, defense, and Americanism. They are 2.5 million members strong; working relentlessly to take care of veterans by keeping close ties to congress and the leaders in Washington.

Also, the Legion sponsors many medical research studies as well as press, youth baseball, and many other activities. The Lake Park American Legion is a piece of this incredible organization who continues the fundamentals of the Legion to the fullest.

For more information about the American Legion, visit or call (218) 238-5577.