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Three brothers from Valley City deploying to Middle East

This screen grab shows father Paul Metcalf, left, with sons Cory, Jason and Ryan before the three sons' upcoming military deployment to the Middle East. Image courtesy WDAY-TV

VALLEY CITY, N.D. - Families and friends will be gathering in rural Valley City this weekend to say goodbye to three brothers who are deploying soon to the Middle East.

The three - Ryan, Cory and Jason - are the sons of Paul and Kay Metcalf.

This is a tight family. The three boys are always available to help their dad on the farm.

"It will be different next spring, trying to seed everything by yourself," Paul said.

Ryan and Cory have been deployed before. The youngest, Jason, has not.

"A little nervous, a little scared," dad Paul said.

The boys know this will be hard on their parents.

"It will be hard on our mom," Jason said.

There is some comfort knowing they will all be deployed together.

"It will be nice to have family there so I have someone to BS with," Ryan said.

Cory added: "Granted, I had friends like brothers, but it will be different having family there."

"Very proud of them, and if we knew they were not in it for helping everyone, we would be fighting for not sending all three," mother Kay Metcalf said.

"I am looking forward to the celebration. But after that, it is going to be tough, hard," Paul said.

And the emotions?

"Oh yeah, they are flowing," Paul said.

The boys take after Grandpa Ralph, who always lived just a few yards away from them all these years. He was in the service for 41 years. And the Metcalfs sure picked a good spot to farm here in Barnes County. Neighbors and others nearby have said they will be there for them in the coming months.

Sure, the crops will come in this fall. But it will be a much different autumn here on the Metcalf farm and fields.

Three boys who called this home for so long, off at war, with so many already awaiting their return.

The brothers will deploy with 160 other soldiers with the Wahpeton-based 188th of the North Dakota National Guard.

Wallevand is a reporter for WDAY TV, which is owned by Forum Communications Co.