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Tamarac Wildlife Refuge photo contest deadline is Sept. 16

Pam Lehmann received Honorable Mention with "Reflections" last year in Tamarac Wildlife Refuge's photo contest. This year's contest deadline is Sept. 16.1 / 2
Deb Erickson took home Honorable Mention with "Waves of Grain" in last year's Tamarac photo contest.2 / 2

Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is a wonderful place to capture images of nature.

Pam Lehmann, a past Tamarac photo contest award winner said, "Taking photos in Tamarac is a special treat because there are very few highline wires and poles, signs are minimal, its quiet, and it brings me closer to my spiritual side helping to relieve stress, it just makes me feel humble."

Photographing in Tamarac gives folks greater opportunities for wildlife sightings and a special feeling of wildness that you may not have in your back yard.

"Like grassy waves swaying on Jim's marsh while the wind sings through the pines," Pam explained, "the serenity that wraps around me feels like a huge hug and the scenic views are outstanding."

People have come from all over the world to visit Tamarac and catch that perfect photo. Express your special image of nature in this year's photography contest at Tamarac NWR.

Entries must be received by Friday, Sept. 16.

All entries submitted must have been taken on Tamarac NWR with in the last two years. No more than two entries per category per person. This contest is open to amateurs only. Photos are used to promote the refuge and its message of conservation and the wise use of the natural and cultural resources of the refuge.

There are five categories in the contest

• Wildlife: Live birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, & insects in their natural habitat.

• Plant Life: Trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, mushrooms, & other flora in natural habitat.

• Scenic: Landscapes & scenic vistas.

• Nature's Abstracts: Nature's shapes, colors & patterns revealing the art in nature.

• Recreation: People enjoying the recreational opportunities examples fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, wildlife observation, and photography.

All ages are encouraged to submit photos. The Tamarac photo contest supports a youth division for ages 12 and younger, and 13 to 17 years of age. First place, second place, third place and honorable mention will be awarded in each photo category and youth division.

All photos will be displayed during Tamarac's Annual Fall Festival on Oct. 1, visitors will vote on their favorite photograph during that day. Contest entries will also be displayed at the Washington Square Mall in Detroit Lakes from October 10-16 during National Wildlife Refuge Week. Sunday Oct. 16, 2 p.m. winners will be announced and prizes, certificates, and ribbons will be awarded.

For complete rules visit: www.tamaracfriends.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the principal Federal agency responsible for conserving, protecting, and enhancing fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

Becker County enjoys an impressive diversity of both plants and wildlife as a result of its location where the eastern deciduous forest meets the prairie. Plan a visit to experience Tamarac, Hamden Slough, or one of the many Waterfowl Production Areas and enjoy your public lands.