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Bremer Bank shreds papers for kids

Another local business is rallying around the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes, and there isn't a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise.

Bremer Bank is holding a Community Shred Event, when local residents can bring all their private papers over to the bank, where bank employees will shred them.

"We've hired a big shredding truck to be there in the parking lot, and we'll have some of our personnel out there working it," said Bremer Bank President Ron Mueller.

Mueller says the shredding services are free for the event, but participants are asked to make a donation, which will then be given to the Boys and Girls Club.

Mueller says one of the Bremer employees brought up the idea, which he says made sense because it was a win-win.

"Instead of just cutting them a check, we made it two-fold because not only can residents get rid of their stockpiles of confidential information, but then we also get a chance to help the community through the Boys and Girls Club -- and I think it's good timing," said Mueller.

Director of the Boys and Girls Club Pat Petermann thinks he's right.

"We just wrapped up a summer where we had an average of 90 kids for 10 hours a day Monday through Friday," said Petermann. "So, a lot of our supplies are down to just about nothing."

Petermann says aside from the normal, everyday supplies the club now needs for its after school services, there are also plans to get some newer furniture into Grace Lutheran Church for the club's Teen Center, which they created last year.

"It's a place where usually around 15 to 20 teens go after school to do homework, volunteer work, hang out or hook up with their friends," said Petermann. "And right now all they have is some old couches from the thrift store that are pretty broken down, so we'd like to get some sturdier stuff in there."

Petermann says the Boys and Girls Club provides programming at the Teen Center, which includes career launch, job readiness programs to get teens ready for the work force.

"It teaches them money matters for budgeting, starting up checking and savings accounts, and things like that to get them ready for the next stage in their lives," said Petermann.

If funds allow, club members would also like to purchase a foosball table and possibly a Wii or X-Box 360. The Teen Center is for students ages 12 to 15 years old.

Petermann says he's grateful to community members and businesses that put on functions like the Community Shred Event because that's what keeps the Boys and Girls Club going.

"I know that Bremer has been a strong supporter of our organization, and they continue to help us any way they can," said Petermann.

The Community Shred Event happens Thursday, September 8 from noon to 3 p.m. in the Bremer Bank parking lot.