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FUND-RAISER HELPS CHURCH: 'Taste of Lund' is foodie heaven

LISA DAHLSTROM with krumkake at last year's event.

Rommegrot, jula kaka, fattigmann -- no, these aren't swear words, but just the opposite.

They are the little taste of Scandinavian heaven the ladies of Lund Lutheran Church will be serving up for their eighth annual Taste of Lund.

The fundraising event is the largest for the church, as it brings in tasters from all over the community.

The delicacies are served up in samples, bought with tickets that are three for a dollar.

"You usually can't buy much for 33 cents anymore," said Lund lady, Judy Gildersleeve, "and I think people really like this because they get to taste so many different types of delicacies that they normally don't ever see."

Church members will be serving up rommegrot, sandbakkels, Swedish almond cake, rosettes, krumkake, jula kaka, flatbrod, kransekake, fruit soup, rice pudding, Swedish cream, lefse, crepes, kringels, sugar cookies, fattigmann and potato candy, as well as sandwiches and coffee.

No need to get out the Scandinavian dictionary, though.

"Rommegrot," event coordinator Sharon Westerholm said with a little roll of the tongue, "is a Norwegian pudding with heavy cream and flour -- it's delicious."

Westerholm says the sandbakkels, rosettes, krumkake, and kringels are all Scandinavian cookies, some made with a waffle-style iron.

Jula kaka is a fruit bread, sort of like a fruitcake, which would likely go beautifully with the fruit soup.

"It's a soup that has all sorts of dried fruit, which is boiled with a tapioca style-pudding."

Swedish cream: "They're like little pancakes, and there's strawberries and whip cream with them, and you roll it up," said Westerholm, who is making fattigmann for the occasion.

"Fattigmann is where you cut a little dough and make it into a little bow tie and deep fry it," explained Westerholm, who says these delicacies are more time intensive than simply whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

"You won't find these things in a typical cookbook, but we will also have a bake sale there too, with your normal pies, cakes, cookies, breads...that type of thing."

Technically, the Taste of Lund goes from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10, but realistically, the event could be shorter than that.

"We sold out in two hours last year," said Westerholm.

The ladies are doubling their batches this year to accommodate the growing popularity of the event, but Westerholm and Gildersleeve advise an early arrival to ensure a taste of everything.

"These are recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation," said Gildersleeve, "and people are usually there waiting in line to get a taste before we even open."

The money raised from the event will go to the Lund Women, who then turn around and donate to local non-profits like the Crisis Center, Hospice of the Red River Valley, and Teach Haiti.

Lund Lutheran Church is located nine miles north of Detroit Lakes on Richwood Road.