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Enrollment up in DL schools

The number of students calling themselves Lakers continues to rise.

The school board called a special meeting Tuesday night, where administrative leaders made that announcement.

According to the September enrollment report, there are 2,816 students enrolled in Detroit Lakes, with that number including the alternative learning center.

In what Business Manager Ted Heisserer calls an "apples to apples" comparison, that number is an increase from 2,753 last school year and 2,737 in 2009-2010.

Detroit Lakes School Superintendent Doug Froke says the number reflects growth in a few areas.

"We knew we had a big kindergarten class coming in, so that was a big driving factor," said Froke, who explained that a large freshman class also contributed to the increase.

"We also had a larger than normal walk up as well," said Froke, referring to open enrollment and the new students who showed up to a Detroit Lakes school without registering before hand.

Roosevelt Elementary has 130 kindergarteners enrolled, along with another 583 students in grades 1-5.

Rossman Elementary has 109 kindergarteners enrolled, with grades 1-5 adding another 485.

The Middle School saw 609 students in grades 6-8 walk through its doors, with the High School reporting 857 students.

Froke says the total enrollment number will likely drop a little by next month.

"What usually happens is that there are still some student in our system who might have moved over to another school district, but they're still being counted because we don't know that yet," said Froke, "so in the October report, that number usually shakes out to be a little less.