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Park Rapids soldier injured in attack now back in U.S.

Andy Boos

A Park Rapids man seriously injured last weekend in an attack on a coalition base in Afghanistan is back in the U.S.

Andy Boos, 20, a 2009 graduate of Park Rapids Area High School, suffered a lacerated spleen, broken tailbone, a cracked pelvis and numerous shrapnel wounds when the building he was in collapsed, his mother Jolene said.

But his most serious injury is a hematoma on his backside that has already undergone two surgeries and likely will require more, she said.

Damaged tissue must be removed, the bleeding contained and the infection kept under control.

He can't stand or put any weight on his hips to keep his pelvis aligned, she said.

"They told him he can only put weight on his right toe," Jolene reported.

His response was, "Great. What am I supposed to do? Hover?"

Mom suggested he "use his Ninja skills."

Boos, an Army combat medic, was flown to Germany after being stabilized at an Afghanistan hospital and then transported to Fort Gordon, Ga., Friday. He is actually stationed out of Fort Polk, La., but doesn't know when he will return there, Jolene said.

"You know the military," she said. "You're not told anything until five minutes after you need the information."

So his family is in a holding pattern until they know where Andy will be sent to recover. He was scheduled for a 30-day leave in either late October or November.

Nearly 80 American soldiers were wounded and two Afghans were killed when a Taliban truck bomb struck an American base in eastern Afghanistan on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said Sunday.

A radio operator dragged Boos out of the building, Jolene said. He was in excruciating pain initially, but his prognosis is good, Jolene said.

He was more worried that his cell phone and laptop were destroyed in the bomb blast than he was concerned about his health, his mother said.

"He lost everything," including his clothes. He arrived at the first hospital naked, she added.

Andy Boos is worried his Facebook page is already filling up with good will messages and he's unable to respond.

A fellow medic and friend stationed in Iraq posted his own gallows humor this week .

"So when you were injured did you yell 'Medic!'" Logan Carmichael wondered.

Actually, Jolene said Andy's first thought was to tend to the wounded until he discovered he couldn't get up himself.

He's retained his sense of humor throughout, Jolene said.

When he first called to tell her he'd been injured, he said his shoulder had popped out of joint.

"Don't worry Mom, it popped back in," the former wrestler said. The veteran of many dislocated shoulders, he saved the best - or worst - for last as he finally described the extent of his injuries.

He was disoriented in the hospital and not aware where his fellow soldiers were and what their condition was.

Without his laptop, he can't keep in touch. His first order of business back in the states will be to get a new cell phone so he can text his unit.

Then he'll get a laptop to reply to all the wisecracks he needs to respond to on Facebook.

"Priorities," Jolene laughed, just glad her son is in the mood for a snappy comeback.

He's already plotting the mayhem he plans on causing in his wheelchair.