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unique Showcase of talent

The Soyring living room features many modern designs including the fireplace and television wall units.1 / 13
Tami and Eric Soyring work together well inside and outside their home.2 / 13
Coming up the front path to the Soyring house.3 / 13
Eric created the frames thorughout the house.4 / 13
Eric has learned that when his wife has an idea, like having trees in the living room, just go with it because it always turns out.5 / 13
Even the kitchen cabinets are unique, with the doors literally opening up.6 / 13
Eric custom made the staircase.7 / 13
Eric created a coat tree for a lady who decided it was a bit too contemporary for her and told him to go ahead and keep it. Tami said she loves it because there are so many places to hang coats on it.8 / 13
Tiles lining the walls of the kitchen are as unique as the rest of the house.9 / 13
Savannah Soyring's bedroom has fun features like bamboo and striped walls.10 / 13
The master bathroom features a spa tub and separate walk-in shower with six heads, which Tami calls her car wash, and suspended counters.11 / 13
Proudly displayed in the master bedroom, Eric has a picture of his Mustang, with Tami's feet poking out the window.12 / 13
Eric made the family's fire pit on the patio.13 / 13

Modern with a touch of rock and roll. That's how Eric and Tami Soyring describe their home, and that unique home is a showcase for their talents, and their business as well.

Owners of StraightLine Design -- she's an interior designer, he's a custom metal crafter -- the Soyrings have personal touches throughout their home that make a visitor feel they know the family a bit more after a tour.

Anything metal in the house -- from frames to the staircase, bed frames, sliding doors to the roof -- Eric created. Trees in the living room, paintings on the walls and even just the light fixtures, those are Tami's visions.

And they are visions the two have been collecting and creating for years.

The couple toured the country with Eric's band for many years, and along the way, studied magazines, toured other homes and dreamed of the house they would one day create together. That house now stands at 662 Lake Forest Circle, and the couple completed about 95 percent of the house themselves, Eric said.

"We'll have fun together," Tami said. "I'll ask if he can do this, and he does."

"We work well together," he agrees.

Eric said he has also learned over the years, that regardless of what Tami comes up with for ideas and design, they all work out in the end.

Finished just over a year ago, their house not only serves as their home, but as a showcase for their work. Clients can visit their home and see what the team can do for them.

"It's good experience for owning a business. It's fun to do your own personal touches and display our work," Eric said.

The main level of the house hosts the couple's office, a powder room, a piano room -- also known as the New York room, with a skyline of New York on one wall -- formal dining room, kitchen -- with a more intimate eating space they usually use -- and the living room.

Upstairs are four bedrooms -- the Soyrings have two children: Savannah and Gabriel -- two bathrooms, laundry room and the theater/workout room.

"At night when we turn out the lights, everything gets black except the TV," Tami said of the black-walled theater room.

Many pieces of artwork throughout the house are either personalized or have a story behind them, too. Like the model in the dining room -- Tami's cousin who was Miss North Dakota -- or the picture in the master bedroom of a classic Mustang and a woman's feet and legs poking out the window -- Eric's car, Tami's feet and legs.

Outside the house in back, they have a patio area with picnic table that Eric built for her as a Mother's Day gift, grill and sink, and a fire pit -- which Eric also made -- so they can all sit around and roast s'mores.

During their time on the tour bus, not only did they come up with ideas, along the way, they purchased pieces of what would become their house. They purchased land for the house while touring and paid for it before they even built, and they had their previous house filled with pieces of the new house.

They had the kitchen sink years before they built a kitchen. Doorknobs well in advance, doors and windows before they were needed and other fixtures they knew they'd want in their new home.

Even with all the sweat and dedication that went into this house, the Soyrings say they'll build again -- someday.

"It'd be a shame not to use all the knowledge we learned along the way," Eric said.

But not necessarily anytime soon.

"All of our energy is going into family, and design," Tami added.

For now they'll collect ideas for themselves but create for clients, which they happily do together.

"We feel so blessed. Not just for the sticks and stones of a house but for our relationship," Eric said.