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DL cops arrest burglary suspect, with help of K9 unit

Detroit Lakes police officers arrested a burglary suspect Monday afternoon, after setting up a perimeter and bringing in the K9 unit.

The incident begin about 1:30 p.m. Monday with a report of a burglary on the 1000 block of Summit Avenue. Officers knew the 18-year-old male suspect, and at about 2 p.m. he was spotted near that area by investigator Chad Jutz.

A foot chase ensued, and officers set up a perimeter, with squad cars blocking off streets north of Rossman Elementary. Deputies, a state trooper and a Lake Park police officer assisted at the scene.

"We were lucky to have enough officers to set up a really good perimeter," said Detroit Lakes Police Chief Tim Eggebraaten.

The department's K9 officer, Sgt. Robert Strand, and his dog, Macho, arrived on the scene and begin tracking the suspect, with the help of follow-up calls that helped point the search in the right direction, Eggebraaten said.

Macho found the suspect hiding in a backyard shed at a residence on Rossman Avenue.

The dog located him, but did not "physically apprehend him," or bite him, Eggebraaten said.

The man, Nathaniel Richard VanOrny, no permanent address, is a suspect in one burglary, and is known to the victim, Eggebraaten said.