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DNR treating Rose Lake for Zebra Mussels

Treatment to kill the zebra mussels found on Rose Lake between Frazee and Vergas runs close to $14,000. DNR will treat the area once a week for three weeks.

The Minnesota DNR was out at Rose Lake between Frazee and Vergas this morning (Thursday) treating a small section of the lake for zebra mussels after somebody brought an infested boat lift into the lake. Now, they're hoping a quick response and plenty of copper sulfate will kill the invasive species that have been spotted in that immediate area. This has homeowners around Rose Lake and other local residents crossing their fingers that the treatments will be effective. DNR officials say the zebra mussels that were found were isolated and still too young to reproduce, giving the DNR cautious optimism that they caught the problem while it was still small and fixable. We'll have a full story tomorrow on dl-online and in Sunday's Record.