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Weather Talk: Today could be warmest Halloween in past 10 years

The average high and low for today is 48 and 29 degrees. Given that, a rough estimate of an average temperature when most kids are trick-or-treating would be approximately 40 degrees. Of course, with a temperature that cold (or often colder), it is no wonder that designing a costume around hats, mittens and jackets is often a requirement.

But every once in a while, we get treated to mild Halloween temperatures.

On four occasions since 1881, the high temperature has reached 70 degrees or higher.

Many of you may still remember the 74-degree high recorded in 1999 or the 72-degree high in 1990.

Although 70-degree Halloweens have been rare, 60-degree or higher days are a bit more common, as the high has been in the 60s on 19 occasions.

If everything works out well, today, in fact, could be our 20th such occurrence and our first in 10 years. Meaning today could be the warmest Halloween that most of the kids out tonight have ever experienced.

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