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LP-A students collect 70 pounds of 'Treats for Troops'

Thirty-Five Lake Park-Audubon High School students gathered to collect "Treats for Troops" on Oct. 31.1 / 2
Amber Christensen, from left, Jessica Dalen and Chelsey Torblaa helped collect candy on Halloween to send overseas to troops.2 / 2

What fills three large garbage bags, weighs seventy pounds and tastes super sweet? The answer is "Treats for Troops."

Thirty-five students from the Lake Park-Audubon High School gathered on Monday, Oct. 31, to collect treats for a different reason. Aaron Christensen, a 2007 graduate of LPA, is stationed on a United States Military Base in Kuwait.

Organized by the FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) team -- Jessica Dalen, Chelsey Torblaa, and Amber Christensen -- the team members encouraged high school students to join them in collecting Halloween candy to be sent to the members of Aaron's troop.

The students were divided into seven separate teams, and in a little over one hour, they had collected over 70 pounds of sweets. The team wrote letters and will be sending pictures of the event along with the candy to the troops.

Food items that are easily accessible in our country, such as candy and gum, are very difficult to obtain in countries like Kuwait. The treats are not only for the troops, but also for the children of families that they interact with while on service duty.

The FCCLA committee would like to thank the generous support of the Lake Park city residents in their welcoming response to this activity. Receiving a prompt response from Aaron Christensen via Facebook, Aaron thanked the students "for giving of their time and energy," and stated that the "treats will be greatly appreciated!"

The FCCLA team's next activity will be working with elementary students to write holiday letters to Aaron's troop.