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Hot topics: A breastfeeding doll under the Christmas tree?

The Bebé Gloton Breastfeeding Doll has created quite a buzz in cyberspace.

The Bebé Gloton Breastfeeding Doll has created quite a buzz in cyberspace.

A hot new toy is generating a lot of heat in online discussions and customer reviews.

The Bebé Gloton Breastfeeding Doll is designed to mimic breastfeeding by suckling when it's brought close to appliqués on a vest the child wears. The vest comes with the doll, and the appliqués are positioned where a girl's breasts would be.

The doll also cries to indicate it wants to be fed.

Berjuan creates educational dolls that resemble real life, and Bebé Gloton was created to promote breastfeeding by familiarizing children with the process, according to, which sells the doll.

The doll retails for $209 on, but it is currently sold out. A new batch is expected to arrive by the end of November.

It also sells for $117 on

What SheSays:

Critics say the doll is "revolting," inappropriate for little girls, costs children their innocence, and makes them grow up too soon.

These critics seem to be confusing feeding a baby with sex. Breastfeeding is not a sexual act. To use the word "revolting" is probably overreacting.

However, the Bebé Gloton doll seems to be an unnecessary extravagance that caters more to the consumerist tendencies of our society.

If children see their mothers nursing a sibling, they will pretend to nurse their dolls on their own, without needing an outrageously expensive suckling doll to do so.

Imaginative play is one of the great wonders of childhood and kids don't need dolls that breastfeed or mess their diapers to foster their imaginations.