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Rothsay man rescued after falling through ice on Crystal Lake

PELICAN RAPIDS, Minn. - A 40-year-old Rothsay man is recovering after he fell through the ice on Crystal Lake near here Wednesday night.

The man fell around 7 p.m. after his four-wheeler hit an ice ridge.

The man was able to get himself out of the water, but he was disoriented in the foggy cold weather.

He found himself stuck in the middle of the lake.

Rescue crews were called, but despite having GPS coordinates and phone contact with the man, they struggled to reach him.

Otter Tail County Sheriff Brian Schlueter called the search, "like looking for a needle in a haystack."

Crews were able to reach the man after about 90 minutes.

"He was very happy to see them. He's actually talking, he was extremely cold, and he was soaked from head to toe," Schlueter told WDAY-TV. "He didn't want to move because he didn't want to end up in the hole he crawled out of. He basically stood out there in that wind for an hour and a half."

The man was taken to St. Mary's Hospital in Detroit Lakes. His name and condition were not released.