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Perham hospital prepares for move

After breaking ground more than two years ago, the new Perham Health will see its first patients on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012.

Located at 1000 Coney Street West, Perham, the transition to the new facility will occur over the course of four days, starting Friday, Jan. 6, and ending Monday, Jan. 9.

Extensive planning has gone into the organization of the move to make the transition as seamless and quick as possible for patients and employees. Beltmann Relocation group has been hired to physically move equipment and supplies to the new hospital and clinic. The moving company has broad experience in relocating healthcare systems.

Specific equipment and departments will be moved on each of the four days. Vendors have been contacted and scheduled to move the medical equipment to ensure it will be working accurately when it arrives at the new facility. The hospital and clinic departments have a detailed, hour-by-hour schedule that will be followed as each makes its move to the new location.

"The hospital and clinic departments will work together to allow for a smooth transition and ensure we are able to provide a full range of care throughout the weekend," stated Chuck Hofius, Perham Health CEO. "We will continue to see patients at our current location through Jan. 8. The Perham clinic will be closed on Saturday, Jan. 7. Then, on Monday, Jan. 9, the clinic and hospital will open its doors at the new location for the first time, marking another milestone in the history of this community's healthcare journey."

According to Hofius, the final phase of the move will be very methodical as critical areas of the hospital - pharmacy, emergency, lab, imaging, and surgery departments - are transitioned between buildings Jan. 9. Patients will also be moved to the new facility at this time.

Once the last patient is moved to the new facility, the emergency room at the current site will be closed, and the move will be complete.

"Since the hospital's founding in 1902, Perham Health has remained committed to three core principles; healing, health, and hospitality," Hofius added. "As we usher in the future of healthcare with a new state-of-the-art hospital and clinic, these guiding principles will continue to lead us as we strive to offer quality health care to our community."