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Common signs you might be a bridezilla

Few brides-to-be want to be tagged as a "bridezilla." However, engaging in certain behaviors just might earn them that dubious distinction.

It is believed the term "bridezilla" was coined in a Boston Globe article in June 1995. Since then, it has been widely used for an overbearing bride who is difficult and often a perfectionist. If a bride-to-be sees her own behaviors on this list, she may want to make some changes quickly or risk alienating friends and family members.

• Talking about the wedding nonstop. It is good for brides to have enthusiasm about the big day, but speaking incessantly over every little detail, especially when the conversation often veers to complaints about vendors and other arrangements, can be off-putting to people.

• Extreme dieting. It's understandable when a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and this can create a desire to shed a few pounds. However, if dieting becomes extreme, it can be unhealthy and dangerous.

• Failing to spend time with a fiance. When wedding planning and meetings take precedence over spending time with your fiance, it can set a poor course for the future marriage and strain the current relationship.

• A "me-first" attitude. Although it is expected that a bridal party will partake in some tasks and responsibilities, they are not the property or employees of the bride.

• Going well over budget. While many people want to have the perfect wedding, fixating on every detail and spending excessively to achieve what is perceived as perfection is bridezilla behavior. Entering a marriage already in debt can put a strain on newlywed bliss.

• Fighting with friends and family. Fighting just to fight and draw attention to oneself is bridezilla behavior.

• Expecting preferential treatment. Individuals should remember that florists, dress shops, musicians and photographers work very hard and often with couples who are emotional and feeling the stress of spending large amounts of money. Adding even more animosity to the situation could result in less-than-stellar results on the big day.