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Stray dog lost in Alexandria, Minn., reunited with owners after turning up 150 miles away in Woodbury

Lost last August in Alexandria, Remington the dog was turned in recently at a Woodbury, Minn., animal shelter. The dog was reunited Saturday morning with its owners. Submitted photo

An underweight, tattered dog turned in at the Woodbury Animal Humane Society wasn't just any stray.

He was a long distance traveler.

After conducting research into the dog's background, Woodbury humane society workers learned the dog had gone missing last August in Alexandria, Minn.

The dog, named Remington, was reclaimed Saturday at the Woodbury location - capping the months long experience for the dog and its owners. Woodbury is about 150 miles from Alexandria.

First dubbed "Henry" by humane society workers until his real identity was unearthed, the dog was brought in at 38 pounds - down 14 pounds from when he was first reported lost.

The owners were located by a humane society worker who dug extensively through records before ultimately finding them through a listing.

"The owners were extremely happy with (the worker's) efforts and very thankful for our organization," according to a humane society news release.

Check back for more on the story, including how Remington ended up in Woodbury from Alexandria.