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'Next Year in Jerusalem'

Since publishing his first book, While Others Sleep, in 2011, Lake Park author Larry (L.D.) Bergsgaard has been busy making a name for himself in the literary world.

"The writing part has kind of taken a back seat to the business of selling (books) lately," Bergsgaard admits. "The marketing has been keeping us pretty busy."

Nevertheless, his second book, Next Year in Jerusalem, has already hit the shelves of area bookstores, and the third installment in his series featuring protagonist Franklin Delano "Doc" Martini -- as yet untitled -- is scheduled for release in June.

"I just sent a series of short stories to the publisher, and that'll be published in the next three months," Bergsgaard added.

Born in Mandan, N.D., Bergsgaard spent most of his formative years in Minnesota, and currently spends his summers at a home on Upper Cormorant Lake, near Lake Park.

Right now, however, he's spending the winter in Arizona.

"It's sunny and 80 degrees here," he said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

Though Bergsgaard's first book had Minnesota as its primary setting, the second installment in the Doc Martini series takes a leap overseas. As the title suggests, much of the book's plot revolves around the iconic city of Jerusalem, Israel.

"The core of it developed when I was traveling in the Middle East, and particularly when I was in Jerusalem," he said. "I realized the battle over (ownership of) Jerusalem was really symbolic of the battle for the entire Middle East.

"Whoever wins that battle will end up controlling Jerusalem."

The title of the book comes from a Hebrew saying. "Next year in Jerusalem" refers to the hope of the Israeli people that they will one day be together as a people, in their holy city.

"The U.S. is a key player in that (battle for Jerusalem), so Muslim terrorists bring the same plagues upon the U.S. that Moses brought upon the Egyptians to free his people (in the Bible)," Bergsgaard said, discussing the premise of the new book.

"They want to force the U.S. to move away from backing Israel."

Do they succeed? You'll have to read the book to find out.

Bergsgaard said copies of both of his published books are available at Book World in Detroit Lakes as well as through online booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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