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Resolution Restart at DLCCC aims to keep folks fit

JULIE OKESON of State Bank and Trust in Detroit Lakes is signed up for Resolution Restart, which is a way for local businesses and groups to focus on staying healthy.1 / 2
These shoes are made for walking: Points are earned throughout Resolution Restart for trying new forms of exercise, eating right and drinking lots of water.2 / 2

Long gone are the sounds of New Years horns and the little inner voice that says "This year, I'm whipping myself into shape."

That's why folks at the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center choose now to lend those little, lost voices a big blow horn, as they prepare for the 23rd annual Community Fitness Challenge, now known as Resolution Restart.

"After New Years, you get that first month where you're really into it and want to get in shape, but then it gets busy and you start to slow down," said DLCCC Program Coordinator Matt Kensinger. "So this is to pick it back up and get you back on track there."

The program, which starts Monday, Feb. 20, and goes until Friday, March 30, is a competition in which groups of people (generally businesses) sign up as a team.

Each person signed up is given charts to track their daily health habits.

Participants are given points for every healthy habit accomplished that day.

"So for instance, you get one point if you eat five servings of fruits and vegetables," explained Kensinger.

Participants also earn daily points for drinking 64 ounces of water a day, for resisting junk food, for every pound lost during the challenge, for every 30 minutes of physical exercise and for trying new things.

"So if you've never gone to zumba before and you try it, you get an extra point," said Kensinger, who adds that score keeping is on the honor system.

The idea is to rack up as many points as possible while building and reinforcing healthy habits.

Half way through the challenge (on March 12), forms are turned in for a chance to win about 30 prizes, including healthy living books and cookbooks, DVDs, yoga balls and mats, jump ropes, dumb bells, water bottles and more.

The competition then goes until March 30 when all forms are turned in and the points for each team are tallied and averaged out.

The team with the highest average wins a plaque for being "the healthiest business (or team) in town."

The more sheets turned in by each group, the better.

"Because if one team has 100 people signed up, but only 50 of them turn their sheets in, their average still goes by those 100 people," Kensinger said.

On March 30, there will also be another drawing of about 40 prizes, which includes a grand prize of a one-year membership at the DLCCC.

The cost for joining the Resolution Restart Fitness Challenge is $5 per person.

Not only does that buy a spot in the competition, but it also comes with a punch card good for six free day passes to the DLCCC, a $54 value.

Participants who are already members can use it for 50 percent off of personal training, private swim lessons or six free fitness classes if they're not included in the membership.

Kensinger says in the 10 years the DLCCC has been running the program, they average about 500 people.

"It's just a good, fun, cheap, friendly competition," said Kensinger. "I think you always tend to work better when you have a friend that's encouraging you -- a team that tries to push each other."

Kensinger says some people don't sign up for the competition part as much as they do to help set goals for themselves.

The deadline for signing up is on the Feb. 20 start-date.

For more information or to get registration forms, e-mail Matt Kensinger at or call him at 844-4221.