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Winter was warmest on record for Fargo

FARGO - Cold weather, we hardly knew ye.

The National Weather Service says the meteorological winter months of December, January and February were the warmest on record for Fargo, based on preliminary data.

The average temperature of 22.1 degrees from Dec. 1 through Feb. 29 was one-tenth of a degree higher than the previous record set in 1987.

Grand Forks had its fourth-highest average temperature during the winter months, at 19.4 degrees. The record is 21.2 degrees, set in 2006.

Not only was it the warmest meteorological winter in Fargo, but also the warmest September to February period. The average temperature of 35.5 degrees was 1.5 degrees higher than the previous record set in 2002, according to the weather service office in Grand Forks.

After a relatively dry December and January, winter precipitation and snowfall ended up within the "normal" range because of wetter weather the last few weeks of February, the weather service said.