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Ron Paul to be in Fargo on Super Tuesday

Texas congressman Ron Paul plans to return to Fargo and possibly Bismarck this Tuesday, a state GOP spokesman said Sunday.

North Dakota will be holding its party caucuses, along with contests in nine other states, as part of Super Tuesday. In all, 437 delegates will be at stake to help determine the GOP's presidential standard-bearer.

The trip will be Paul's third visit to North Dakota in the primary season, following a February tour of the state and an event in Fargo last November.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum have also visited North Dakota, while former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has not.

"Congressman Paul's trip to North Dakota reinforces the significant role that our state is playing in this year's nomination process. The attention we have been receiving from all four contenders is unprecedented, and it's also historic for one of them to choose North Dakota as their stomping ground for the biggest night of the primary season. We may not be Iowa or New Hampshire, but we are making our mark like never before," said Matt Becker, a spokesman for the North Dakota GOP.

Becker said that the demographics of North Dakota play to Paul's strengths, he is well-organized here, and that he has done well in caucus states.

"Right now, I think this race is really anybody's game in North Dakota, and I think that's why you've seen all the candidates really vying for our attention," he said.

North Dakota has 28 unbound delegates at stake. The delegates will convene to discuss how they will reflect the results of the caucus, but each can also vote their conscience, Becker said.

In Fargo, the Republican caucuses will be held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Ramada Plaza Suites, 1635 42nd St. S. While in Bismarck, the event will be at the Exhibition Hall of the Civic Center, 315 5th St. S.

On Tuesday, there will be primaries in Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Vermont. Caucuses will be held in Idaho and North Dakota, and Alaska will hold district conventions.

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