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Becker County Republicans meet

Republican delegates, alternates and guests from precincts across Becker County met March 3 at the Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn to convene their 2012 County Convention.

Eighty delegates were seated to conduct the business of the convention. The agenda included election of delegates and alternates to Republican Congressional District 7 and Minnesota State conventions as well as consideration of resolutions for the Republican Party platform.

Delegates elected for the district and state conventions are Jackson Agather, Thomas Augustin, Peter Balega, Eric Brainard, Patricia Crabb, Ben Grimsley, John Moberg, Tom Mortenson, Ed Nordgulen, LaVonne Nordgulen, Carol Ristinen, Les Ristinen, Jordan Thielen and Joe Weitzel.

Alternates elected are Jackie Balega, Jim Beckner, Rita Boyce, Dick Duffney, Brian DuVall, Bev Farner, Gaye Barris, Steve Hershberger, Jennifer Hoban, Joe Ed Knopf, Pamela Mortenson, Sharon Mortrude, Anita Ringstrom and Cindy Skogen.

Becker County delegates also considered 27 resolutions, which originated from the precinct caucus meetings in February. Nineteen of the resolutions were adopted by the delegates to be forwarded for consideration at the 7th District Convention on March 30-31 in Alexandria.

The resolutions address issues promoting economic prosperity, educating our children, preserving civil rights, protecting public safety, strengthening the rule of law and defending America. Resolutions that survive the District Conventions and the State Convention in St Cloud on May 18-19 will be incorporated into the 2012 Standing Platform of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Addressing the Convention on Saturday were Steve Green, a state House candidate for District 2B and Dennis Moser, a state Senate candidate for District 2. Also announced was Gretchen Hoffman who is running for U.S. House seat for the 7th Congressional District.

Becker County Republicans meet at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month, normally at the Detroit Lakes City Hall. All Republicans are encouraged to attend. Contact county chair John Moberg at 218-857-4638.