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Frazee man convicted of assaulting girlfriend

A Frazee man was convicted Friday in Becker County District Court on a gross misdemeanor charge of domestic assault, while a felony count of third degree assault-substantial bodily harm was dismissed.

Quintell Cinque Miller, 34, of 515 E. Main St., Frazee, was sentenced to 365 days (one year) in jail, with 245 days stayed on conditions including up to two years of supervised probation and payment of $1,160 in court fines and fees, plus $234 in restitution. A domestic abuse no contact order has also been filed on behalf of the victim in this case.

According to court documents, Miller allegedly assaulted his girlfriend at the Frazee trailer home they shared on Dec. 22.

The investigating officer observed Miller and an adult female walking down the middle of a Frazee street. The woman was covered in blood, and had a gash under her lip. Miller appeared very agitated and hostile, and was holding a coat that was also covered in blood.

During questioning, the woman said Miller had come home drunk earlier that night, when she was in her pajamas, and ordered her to get dressed. While she was doing so, he allegedly started hitting her in the face, then grabbed a lamp and started striking her with the cord and kicking her.

He then allegedly threw her on the floor and started stomping on her face, then pushed her out the door and pulled her through the woods by her hair. When they stopped at another mobile home, one of the residents called 911.

The alleged victim had a contusion on her forehead, scrapes on her face and hands, a chipped tooth and a cut on the inside of her lower lip that went all the way through to the outside of her mouth. The gash later required five stitches to close, according to the report.

When the investigating officers attempted to arrest Miller, he struggled and became uncooperative, yelling at the woman.